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Paris: Violent riots break out after new law for "securité globale" 11-28-2020

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For the second time in less than two weeks, riots broke out again in Paris, France on Friday November 28th but more severely this time. In the early evening of Friday, tens of thousands of protesters gathered and turned the Place de la Bastille into a burning battlefield. Once again this time the theme for this protest was initially a demonstration for "global security" following a new proposed rule against the filming of law enforcement officers among other things. Things took a turn awry and clashes erupted between anarchists and anti-riot cops. Stunning on scene footage shows what unfolded as an immense crowd gathered at Place de la Bastille with fires burning in numerous locations. Rioters threw debris at police officers and built makeshift bon fires which authorities combated using water cannons among other things. Paris fire fighters were kept extremely busy as numerous fires broke out throughout the city, leaving cars, motorbikes and other trash ablaze and in a few occasions some structures as well. A high level of tension and violence could be felt among the various scenes of disarray, suggesting a rise in demonstrations that had otherwise calmed down since the beginning of the pandemic. The otherwise infamous movement of the yellow vest also appears to fade out after two years of violence which also ended at the start of Covid-19. In the most recent clashes, perpetrators appear to be youths and members of anarchist groups like black block and antifa. The police who on that day confronted thousands of demonstrators in turn only made fewer than ten arrests. 

Video: Eka Leladze


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