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Tariq Nasheed Exchange Words With Grand Master Jay + Why He Hating The NFAC? + Mechee X Apology

Above All That Drama

Tariq Nasheed IS 110% #Bussyboy

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Krakkkakiller 4 months ago

Tariq Nasheed is a DICK SUCKING, WORTHLESS JEALOUS COON! He is Comfortable in his CAPTIVITY and doesn’t want ANYONE to change the Status Quo! He wants WHITE SUPREMACY to remain in place, with BLACK people being Brutally MURDERED so that he can EXPLOIT their SUFFERING!... He has made a Fortune ‘RIPPING OFF’ BLACK people and doesn’t want it to STOP! He has NEVER ADVOCATED one SOLUTION or done ANYTHING to PROTECT BLACK people! But is now ‘BUTT’ HURT that GM Jay and the NFAC are doing what he has NEVER done, or could EVER do! If GM Jay is an ‘AGENT’ why doesn’t Nasheed “Show Him up” by ORGANISING and LEADING His ‘OWN’ MILITIA? and show BLACK people what a ‘NON’ Agent Led MILITIA Looks Like?.. I’ll Fxxxxxx WAIT?

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 4 months ago

All those Negroes he mentions are invisible to me. Tariq Nasheed is a piece of lyin' craka lovin' s**t, but dumb, docile minded black people keep upholding the sorry, lip gross wearing, efem Negro. He didn't prove a damn thing about GMJ. Tariq lies and gossips, like a freakin' blabber mouth teenage girl!! It's pathetic. I am not use to real men acting like these simple aZZ little boys. Please. That piece of crap is getting paid to trash GMJ and he is only making his own efem, acting aZZ look stupid. He is a jealous, cowardly little boy that wants attention and to stay in his captivity with massa, his white witch-in-law, and he wants Negro fools to stay with em' and keep putting $$ in his pocket . But for doing what?? For doing absolutely nothing for the black community. Please give me a god damned break!! People know what Dr Umar is about, so he shouldn't even be an issue. Tommy Sotomayor's name is not even worth mentioning. So if people are dumb enough, to listen to these idiots and let what either of these, lyin' lemon Negroes like Tariq Nasheed says carry any weight, their the damn fools.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 4 months ago

Those that continue calling "others" agent IS the Agent.

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