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Never Buy Ground Beef At Wal-Mart And Here's Why

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Although Walmart is probably your best bet for those times when you've just got to pick up a cremation urn, a Halloween costume or a pile of groceries twice your bodyweight, there are still a few things you should really shop for elsewhere. Funnily enough, ground beef is one of them.

"But why can't we just buy our beef where we want?" You may ask, and you'd be forgiven for getting a little frustrated at the idea of having to go out of your way.

Well, one reason is its comparatively high price. When Kiplinger did a price check on various Walmart items as compared to other retailers, they found that Walmart's ground beef was selling for more than $1 per pound higher than that sold at discount grocer Aldi. The Kitchn did their own price comparison, this time Walmart versus Costco, and found that, while the price of Walmart's regular ground beef was only a few cents higher than that of Costco, Walmart's organic ground beef cost a whole dollar per pound more. Of course, it shouldn't be a surprise that the organic stuff is going to set you back a little more, but that's still a heavy price to pay — especially considering this next point.

Watch the video to see why you should never buy ground beef at Wal-Mart!

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