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#EarthJustice Who pissed it off and why? Poltergeist repeatedly slamming a door!

Published on 11 Jul 2018 / In Entertainment


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TigerPaw1 3 months ago

Pretty good job of staging this event.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 4 months ago

I'd be pissed too if I was a ghost who had nothing better to do than to keep slammin' the same door over and over again. Then I'd be doubley pissed the white boy came over to stop what little entertainment I had in the afterlife..

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Shaka38 4 months ago

That just would've been in whatever report I'd have been writing. The building looks abandoned so whatever it was that was pissed off would've had to have gotten over it without ME going down there. LOL
"2350 Fire Apparatus door was being repeatedly slammed by a non-visual entity. The corridor was filled with an electrical interference of some sort, to include my DC Battery powered equipment. All doors were secure and NO physical presence of any being was neither seen nor detected.
2400: Returned to Station

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