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Video - College Campus Officers harassment of teens on paid leave

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Two El Centro College police officers have been placed on leave after a camera showed the harassment of teens outside the facility.

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lazmor 2 months ago

get mad all you want, but this will happen more and more. with the steady feed of so much negativity and so many dumbass coons willingly obliging by posting the shit and actually participating in the foolishness and criminal activity. And it even happens today more and more, and the stupid nigga acting mfs don't care how bad it effects the rest of us because they are too ignorant and don't give afuck nd will not change. perhaps these boys were doing exactly what they said and that was going to school, but i'm sure these 2 black cops have seen it before, and are fed up with groups of uneducated uncaring negro teens doing ignorant shit. So as much as they are wrong, they are just as much in the right. As I said if black people don't put the nigga element in check and quick, this will happen over and over again and again to all of us needlessly while the ignorant ass miggas continue debauchery

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