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Armed citizen on patrol in Centennial Hills. ARRESTED FOR TERRORISM

10 Aug 2019

Conor Climo's approach is getting mixed reviews. Mahsa Saeidi reports.
This is an interview from 3 yrs ago Today they arrested this fool for terrorism. But read the post to show you how some of us are still stupid
Now when you read this story I want you to pay special attention to the first black guy they ask on the video, how does he feel about this guy walking up and down the street with an AR15.And this negro is so unaware and woke to the facts that he says its a good idea if someone, mainly this white guy, wants to protect the neighborhood. So I guess this stupid mfkn coon ass negro forgot or really didn't believe that it was a mf just like this that murdered trayvon martin. This shows just how fucked up and white worshipping some of these negros are that they forget or don't believe that these people are arming up to kill their dumb ass. Now as far as the other neighbors , even the mixed couple and the white couples , they were actually worried about this mf doing something, to the effect that one of them called the police on this fool. And now today as you will see in the article , this crazy racist was aligned with a far right wing terrorist organization, and if he had killed any black person mainly the one who says he didn't mind, walking at night and shot his ass and said he thought he was a burglar on neighborhood patrol, in their affluent area, and couldn't recognize him at night , he made a mistake and put about 15 rounds of one of those 30 bullet clips in his ass..WAKE UP PEOPLE , YOUR ENEMY IS LIVING NEXT DOOR TO YOU SOMETIMES. Fortunately this guy was caught b4 he could carry out any of his plans. I wonder how that first , I don't mind the white man with the AR15 walking up and down the street, because he's on my side to protect me along with the other white people, because i'm one of them. YEAH FOOL

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Jaygo 2 years ago

Dumb Negro..

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Magenta 2 years ago

White people get crazier by the minute. A dodgy looking Army reject 'patrolling' the streets with heavy artillery. The neighbourhood looks peaceful, but there's a predator looking for "shillouettes." The black man that thinks he's okay better not go out in the dark.

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lazmor 2 years ago

he'll be the first fool killed

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