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Illusion of Hope for Negroes - A Reply (1)

The African Renaissance Channel

Illusion of Hope for Negroes - A Reply (1)

This Video series is about the Negroes and how the illusion works but we got a comment for which we are issuing this reply. The comment is reproduced below

belowradar11133 days ago (edited)

Not to burst anyone's bubble but the same controllers that once banned books are now responsible for distributing books back to the masses.. In what world can any book sanctioned by government for mainstream distribution be a reliable source of truthful information? Divide and conquer....

So, in this video, we try to examine why they try to talk people out of reading the historical records. This is common with the Indian/Aborigine wannabes who are working assiduously to change the identity of the so called African Americans and obliterate the slave trade as a historical event.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you


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