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NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Convicted in NYC 'Branded Women' Case | News 4 Now

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It had the makings of a Hollywood suspense thriller — a television actress, an heiress, a self-help guru and an alleged sex cult – but on Wednesday the curtain closed, when a New York City jury convicted the infamous leader of all charges in a blockbuster case where women were turned into brainwashed “slaves.”

The trial of Keith Raniere, co-founder of the group in upstate New York called NXIVM, lasted weeks. It took a jury only a matter of hours to convict him.

Raniere was convicted on all seven counts, which included racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking charges. He faces up to life in prison.

Raniere - known within the group as "Vanguard" - oversaw a barbaric system in which women were told the best way to advance was to become a "slave" overseen by "masters," prosecutors said. The women were also expected to have sex with him and do menial chores for masters, and to keep the arrangement a secret or be publicly humiliated, according to prosecutors.

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LeeMay 8 months ago

It took long enough to put this sex cult leader away.

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