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Fake Pro Black Conscious community - Fauxteps

Everybody Hates Angel

Hotep Hustlers Hotepping
Fake Pro Black Conscious community
The pro Black community is full men who preach unity within the community on the street corners or on youtube channels like Sa neter Tv, brothers like Dr Umar Johnson, Brother Polight, Tariq Nasheed, Young Pharaoh Allah, Sara Suten Seti and Gazi Kodzo... But do these brothers practice what they preach? Do They care about Black women, because sadly even Pro Black Men Are Now Turning Against The Sisterhood
But like Loaded Lux says "You gon' get this work"

Black Power

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Kemetgod 1 year ago

Some of them betrayed dr york

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Marlene74 1 year ago


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Taylor Alliease
Taylor Alliease 1 year ago

They're only conscious when it's convenient for them .

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It's truly hard to tell sometimes with males and females. All the money making schemes makes me wonder a lot. I understand provide for your family but at what cost.

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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V 1 year ago

I think seti the real deal .Umar hard to say at times.The rest fakes.

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Kemetgod 1 year ago

Shakka ahmose, Young Pharaoh, Zion Lexx alot of good people there. I don't know about Polight

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