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not so tough cop.mp4

07 Sep 2019
now i've given the story link to show the reason this cop should have died. they call this kid a thug, and you know why. But a few weeks ago the same scenario happened with a mf trying to stab a cop, and the first thing the white mf press says is mentally ill man tries to elude cop. Even after they found out this mf had killed 3 people , family members of him and a notarized baseball player. although that guy was naked and clearly a danger, not a mf shot was fired. Now as you'll see in this video., the guy yes tries to kill this bitch , and misses. But when he sees the rest of the cops he drops the gun puts up his hands, and it makes no mfkn difference. As you can see the first cops on scene do nothing, but the 3rd mf, jumps out the car not assessing anything but the fact that this is a black guy and started shooting which got the rest of the animals to join in.Now no-one mentions that fact. This is what the public mostly black people are up against. There was no reason to shoot this guy, no matter how mad you're supposed to be. This shows the dirty ass white devil is nothing but a malicious savage that needs to be put down on site. And as for this bitch, she aint so tough which you'll see when you read the story, where she poses with an assault rifle, as the baddest bitch around. Damn I hate he missed killing this bitch. I'M not sorry for saying that after looking at the video

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#HaHa now THAT's proper karma

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