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a word for black immigrants to amerika

20 Sep 2021

i hope all who read , take this as a word of encouragement

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Krakkkakiller 29 days ago

Everybody HATES Whites! The White male is SCUM. All they do is go around the world causing DEATH & MAYHEM and BEG every Race to Recognise you, Tolerate you, and to clean up your mess and inadequacy. Shall the DOG Boy ever be capable of standing up on his hoofs? And deal with the Problems of his worthless Race alone? Using intellect and Morality? NEVER. You white bwoys are quite rightly REVILED. just KILL yourselves bitches!

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Shamach Makare
Shamach Makare 29 days ago

Nobody wants black because black males are deplorable. What do y'all do on planet Earth besides pine for other races to acknowledge you, accept you, and pick up the slack for your failures? Will the mon key man ever be able to stand upright and handle the business of his own race by himself with intelligence and integrity? Doubt it. You black males deserve condemnation. Just breed yourselves out.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 30 days ago

Most of those Afghan's they brought over here has the MF measiels

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 30 days ago

Thanks you sir for spoken on this issue black please pay attention was going on this lunatic don’t like black people that’s in White House. Byway fuck Joe

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1PathwaytoFreedom 30 days ago

Blacks feel the same way about their blackness as non blacks do. That is the root of the problem and others are taking advantage of it and sponsoring that mindset because it keeps them empowered over the black collective.

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