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All Natural Chocolate Runway IA Swimwear Promotion

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
27 Jun 2020

No butt lifts, no plastic surgery or skin bleaching here. The swim wear promoter and models are embracing their black natural beauty and realizing it's power. At the same time they are promoting a beautiful line of swimwear. Western culture and their definition of beauty does not apply to us as black women. We chose to embrace our own culture and definition of beauty and it starts with loving our beautifully melinated skin.

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sly35965 7 days ago

"Greetings, Perfection At Its Best Share...Thanks."

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commonman80 7 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful.. WOW!!! I Haven't Been To One Of Our Fashion Shows IN DECADES... Brings Back A LOT Of Memories.. Thank You So-oooo Much...

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Above All That Drama

Out Fucking Standing!!!!

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ML Spade
ML Spade 7 days ago

Damn, i noticed some milky tones in the spectator rows. Can we ever lose them?

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Blacktivated Melanin

Black women iz fine az hell!

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