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400 Cases of Autism Reversed With Chlorine Dioxide

22 Sep 2021


⁣400 Cases of Autism Reversed With Chlorine Dioxide

"⁣A very interesting conversation between the brilliant Dr. Sennef and Dr. Rivera (Homeopath) who focuses primarily with helping autistic children. If you know anyone who has a child damaged by vaccines and suffering autism share this link with them...the information is invaluable.
Chlorine Dioxide cures 97% of known diseases and improves health tremendously by restoring proper pH balance to the blood as well supplying oxygen. Additionally as they point out here, it breaks down glyphosate from a terrible poison into natural materials the body can actually use..just brilliant. I highly recommend the videos of Andreas Kalcker where he shows just how to make this medicine for yourself and loved ones for incredibly cheap. ⁣https://andreaskalcker.com/en/....cds-clo2/cds-protoco"

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