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go down shooting no retreat.mp4

10 Dec 2019

all I can say is these 2 brothers went down shooting. and you see that tv swat shit don't work and these bastards look like the cowards they are when they are catching the same type firepower coming at them. now they say these guys killed people in the bodega they ran into. I don't see why when it looks like their enemy was outside. we'll wait for the ballistics and i'll bet the police killed those folks, because unlike tv also. these mfs don't give a damn about the public when they start shooting

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BConscience 7 months ago

So I'm suppose 2 take a video of PIGS in formation, and the word of some HOMELESS PERSON as 2 WTF just happened? GTFOHWTS! KIno what? SHOW ME a body. Then I'll might believe.

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