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Mariah’s New Song, Teen Titans Photo, Clay Cane Reads Omarosa, Unnecessary Apartment Search + More

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
16 Sep 2018

Ok so I was absolutely tickled at Mariah Carey telling these men to get out of her house without so much as raising her voice. That takes true power to make such a bold statement so calmly! I want that power! All of these unfortunate events happening (especially weather) so you know I had to talk about Teen Titans and that photo they released. Promo is supposed to get the audience exited about an upcoming series but it had the opposite effect on me :(. Clay Cane held Omarosa to task while asking her a bunch of fair questions. These questions were questions we all had about Omarosa's behavior and hypocritical words. She couldn't take the heat. Cheeto is up there denying flat out facts and stats while the cloud-built individuals are searching apartments for no reason. Let's talk about it.
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