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blame a black guy even if you aint sure.mp4

20 Nov 2019

now the reason i'm posting this video, is to show how the bullshit starts and these white mfs spread this byullshit with lies.Now this happened in fresno california in the hmong neighborhood where a bunch of vietnamese people were watching a football game . and 2 individuals lit the place up killing 4or 6 people and wounding many others. But it aint gang related, even though the neighborhood and folks houses have been taking fire all week. But It aint gang related.But they're forming a special gang task force.But it aint gang related. Now I want you to pay attention to the cop and his little diatribe describing the events,where everybody says it was too dark to make out anybody doing the shooting, BUT suddenly there was a"black" yes a black guy riding a scooter or such after this took place. So what does that say to everybody worldwide. It must have been black people shooting asians now. Even though all these people said they don't know who did it, and can't describe the shooter , suddenly a black guy on a scooter is somehow involved , which means these mfs will go after every black male within a 20 mile radius. Now let's see how you black folk handle it when they start kicking in your doors. will you blow the bastards back out the door , or wait to cry to the news about how they mistreated you for some shit in someone elses neighborhood. we'll see

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