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Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
24 Feb 2020

A day trip to the Crocodile Pool with the family gets up and close to crocodiles inside an Elephant Tree then through the museum. A great day was had by all. Due to my battery going flat we were unable to Smash that like button on camera. So please Smash that like button and comment down below and please subscribe if you haven't already. Music was privided courtesy of MPRA Beats #MM who is a super talented young producer. Camera work was yours truly and editing by Seth. Thank you to my sons and niece for a great family day out. Thanks to Adrian for holding down the fort. Thanks to Marka for facilitation of the visit. Our website will be updated soon . Please see our community page on YouTube for up to date features and insights. Also join our membership on our website. You can be included in our FB page Bla-Xit Movement. Thank you to all viewers supporters and subscribers and special thank you to all donors that help us to fulfill our Sims and objectives. Thanks to my Bla Xit family and Wode Maya for making all this possible.
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We thank everyone that's helped us to acquire equipment and to pay editors and camera personnel. We are searching for a new editor to assist us. If you know of anyone please call me via WhatsApp on the number given on the website add a + in front of the +232 . Give thanks family to you all and ancestors that came before us. That make our lives possible today. Kimpa Vita for life!

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