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Phoenix Police Hold Black Parents at Gun Point

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Phoenix PD Hold Black Parents at Gun Point

Video shows a #racesoldier threatening to shoot a Black mother dead because her 4-year-old toddler "stole" a 99 cent Barbie from a dollar store.

The Black Phoenix couple is reportedly suing that city for $10 million, alleging they were unlawfully arrested after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a store.

Officers drew their guns on #DravonAmes and his fiance, #LeshaHarper, after being anonymously tipped off to the youngster’s theft. ????

The couple only realized their daughter swiped the doll once they left the store, then took their kids to their babysitter at a nearby apartment complex, which is where police officers approached them.

Dravon was cuffed while being held to the ground by an officer, then lifted and shoved into a police car.

The cop then kicked the man in the right leg and yelled, “When I tell you to do, you f***g do it!” 


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LeeMay 7 months ago

The KKKops language was uncalled for and the whole scene was off the chart over a little white barbie doll. PLEASE! All those cops over something as small as this.

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