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Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
08 Feb 2020

We got our own space Bla Xit City in Jam City the Gambia . 20 x 20 promotional offer 75k Dalasies. We all went to check out the plots. Many of us are purchasing our plots now before they all go. One thing we all agreed on was that we want to be free. We know what Mosiahs Marcus Garvey was talking about. Wode Maya please please accept my humble apologies for not putting my usual thank you on the screen. It's all coming back real soon. Apologies Bla Xit family for the production values its a short term issue that we are working through. Please bear with us and stay with us. We love you Bla Xit family. To all our supporters and. Donors wow you are seriously keeping us going. You keep me motivated to continue working for you all in love and for love only. I appreciate all of your kindness and strength Marka and Crystal and my daughter and sons mum brothers and husband seriously can't thank you enough. We are still awaiting our verification pin from AdSense so it's a labour of love for us in the realest sense.
Had to block some trolls so if you see any please send out a troll alert. Our viewings are slightly reduced can you help by sharing and subscribing too. Also all donations help to pay staff so they are truly welcomed . If you would like to support or invest in land please email me at blaxithome@gmail.com
If you could donate a gift we would appreciate it via PayPal using bopcollective@yahoo.com email address please. Thank you so so much xxx Big love Bla Xit Family

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