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Cops Abuse Grieving Mother for Not Succumbing to their Unlawful Demands

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Arkansas cops are claiming they had every right to abuse a grieving mother Sunday night because she had refused to identify herself when they came across her in the parking lot of the hotel where she was staying.

After all, they claim, there have been a rash of break-ins in the parking lot of the La Quinta Inn in West Memphis.

However, the woman's family members said they spoke to management at the hotel and were told there had not been any break-ins for at least a month. Read full story.

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lazmor 20 days ago

these lying dirty bastard pull this shit everytime they want to fuck with black people. its always "we got a call about a suspicious person", or there was a robbery down the street and you fit the description, or we're looking for a car like yours for a driveby with a woman and 2 babies strapped in the backseat, but yet they handcuff her anyway. I guess if these mfs found out a plane was full of all black people flying somewhere with a black crew, they'd shoot the mf down and claim they were all terrorist, that'll be next though . a mf sitting on the plane flying somewhere minding his own business, and some white mf will say he looks suspicious, and then the sky marshall will go fuck with the brother , and he'll protest, and he'll get tased and handcuffed for the duration of his trip if they are to far out, and get arrested for resisting when they land, and when its all cleared up the same weak ass apology from the airlines , and from the u.s marshalls service that is investigating themselves

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