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Cant Even Beat a Gay Man lol

My Tribe T.V
Published on 30 Jan 2018 / In Entertainment


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5 months ago

What a bunch of crumbling weak crackers! Beat up a white man, they crumble like those tasteless cracker snacks lol!

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22429681 7 months ago

(Lita Michelle) Weak Asses!!

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MissyNicki 7 months ago

they fight in packs and still lose, Lol.

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BlackBeauty 7 months ago

ok, so we already know the white male cave demon is the weakest, most feminine so-called male on the planet, next to the asian male. They all have glass jaws, you punch them they go down almost immediately. They are nothing without their guns.

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aguston 7 months ago

and now you know why they need guns and use xbox 360 controllers to drop bombs on women and children

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