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A visit to Trump town in Golan Heights | DW News

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

US President Donald Trump is famous for putting his name on hotels and casinos. But now Israel is naming an entire community after him in thanks for his having recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel. Israel gained control of the territory more than 50 years ago in the Six Day War. But the United Nations and most countries still consider it occupied Syrian land. Trump's move was seen as a boost for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he'd rename Kela Bruchim in the US president's honor. The Israeli cabinet has approved the decision, but what might that look like? DW's Tania Krämer reports from the Golan Heights.

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Jaygo 8 months ago

The Real Terroristic Synagogue of Satan..

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LeeMay 8 months ago

This is what white people's level of concentration is on land, killing the people that own the land and claiming it as their own. We see examples of their invasion of land throughout the world. Land is powerful and it is the main reason Black people do not own land today. They don't want us to have that kind of power. Land should be included in our reparations.

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