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The Game of Numbers for Negroes (2)-Removed

The African Renaissance Channel

The Game of Numbers for Negroes (2)-Removed

This video is a modified version of the original content removed by Youtube. Interestingly, the videos for which they removed our videos are all on Youtube. We moved the videos and prepared the videos as pictures instead while we decide whether or not appeal the removal.
One of the videos can be viewed at
It shows the slave hunting militia renamed Nigerian army in 1863 doing what it is known for.

This Video series is about the Negroes and the game of Numbers.

So, in this video, we looked at the army as a brutal legacy of the slave trade being that they were the slave hunters renamed and provided with uniforms. We also looked at the murderous slave hunters now called army and how they are not only above the law but barbaric.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you


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