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Professor Black Truth - Why You Can't Show Weakness Against White Supremacy

10 Jul 2020

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BConscience 25 days ago

So WE got HIM to thank for the next KAREN. niggas SMMFH

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MaryannT23 26 days ago

I wonder if he would say the same thing if this was a black female who did this to him.he is wrong for this,she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions .stop forgiving.look at what happened to botham Jean’s family.they sued after they did that clown show of forgiveness.they received nothing.enough already.i would not be so kind to them if this had happened to me.this is why the whole world thinks we are a joke and that’s why black people are not getting reparations.we need to show them we are super serious and we are done with them acting like they should just ignored us.stop recording people if you’re not going to teach them a lesson.forgiveness is done and over with.stand up and be a real man and real woman.

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