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The Negro-His own Greatest Enemy(1)

The African Renaissance Channel

The Negro-His own Greatest Enemy(1)

This Video series we shall be responding to a comment from some of our viewers especially a comment from apparently a slave masters foot soldiers who insists that the Negros captured and sold themselves. This user went on to allege that the Aro Priests could have sold the slaves and although he provided no references, we opted to dignify him with a response for the interest of other viewers who may be taken in by his poorly scripted false narrative.

The video simply examined his allegation and how subtle the slave masters foot soldiers can be; for example, he alleged that all the slaves from the Bight of Biafra and Benin could have been labelled Eboes by the initial authors who did not know the sellers at that time. Interestingly, you see that this slave masters foot soldier is suggesting that the Europeans and Arabs did not know who they were buying the slaves from which we consider hilarious.

In our response we challenged the viewers to explain how the Aro priests could have captured and sold slaves and no single book predating 1950 recorded such. No single account of who they were or how they could have conducted slave raids without an army.

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