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Kkkave Ape Showing It's Tail

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
26 Mar 2020


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TheFM4 15 days ago

They may be superior in the 3d world but genetically we are the superior race PERIOD!

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sly35965 15 days ago

"Greetings, SUPERIORITY Means: You're Disease-Free; You Have The Strength Of 2 Or 3 Men; Your Intellect/IQ Are Astronomical; The Sun/Nature/Animals Respect You; You Don't Have The Desire To Be A Conqueror; Evil Intentions Are Unheard Of; Oppression/Control Aren't Necessary; Harmony With The Creator/Universe Is Mandatory; Giving Unconditional Love/Knowledge Is Imperative Share...No Thanks!"

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