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Generational Conditioning For Negroes(1)

The African Renaissance Channel

Generational Conditioning for Negroes(1)

In this video, we at the Renaissance examined how the Negroes path and journey through life is controlled by the slave masters through the system of Conditioning and Generational Conditioning. We leveraged on the Yoruba or Yarribah question to show how a Negro child could be conditioned to be Yarriba, Yoruba, Heebo, Eboe, Gromettas, Guineans or any other such slave masters design.

The video tried to examine the term Yoruba and how the Slave master brought some Negroids and Hamites and joined them with some Negroes so as to use the mentally weaker but more violent Hamitic and Negroid groups against the Negroes. The Yoruba group were created circa 1808 by the slave masters from Dahomey and Eyo country in order to stop them from slave raids. Yoruba is not made up of the same people but rather a collection of Negroes, Negroids, Hamites, Foulahs and the slave masters foot soldiers planted within them and used to enslave the Negroes.

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