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Chris Miller
Chris Miller
29 Aug 2019

A devil is walking around Africa dressed like the Devil image of Jesus

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Magenta 9 months ago

Africans in Africa are no different to Africans outside Africa. Black people everywhere on Earth, no matter how they choose to identify are at the bottom of the barrel, bereft. All those who rush to condemn Africans need introspection instead of hate, rather than clutching at some kind of moral superiority that really isn't there.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 9 months ago

Lying, blasphemous, children of the devil heathens have got hell to pay!!

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BConscience 9 months ago

And THESE ppl want US 2 come back 2 Africa?

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Bdup 9 months ago

No doubt about this demon. Unfortunately, many of those African-coons are so mind-fucked, that they're lost too. They love their demon jesus

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blackme 9 months ago

this fucking crakkka is a demon . this is blasphemy. we are the children of The Most High Yah and he is no white child molesting demon. these mayo mutants belong in hell. send them back there.

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