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Retired OG talking about the Mississippi Prison Riot. No Coonin T.V.

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Five inmates have died which resulted in every prison in the state on lockdown. Two are believed to have escaped.

Despite attempts by law enforcement on keeping the murders within Mississippi prison system under wraps, inmates have reached out on social media with claims that the riots were started by prison guards who themselves are in gangs.

Numerous inmates have taken to Facebook with cries of help, saying they are no longer safe within the prison system because of correctional officers with ties to Gangster Disciples and People's Nation gang.

Inmates also blame the violence on understaffing, poor prison conditions including food quality, rodent infestations, drugs, and sewage backups.

Unconfirmed reports from inmates are claiming that a prison guard named Redmond as well as one named Rashida Parker from Wilkinson County Correctional Facility have been arrested for allowing inmates to access other inmates’ cells to kill them.

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