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11 May 2020

This is white privilege again. these animals came to the islands maybe 200 yrs ago 1778 ti be exact, and he did what he does best . he gives a few trinkets brings a bible , and then he starts the rape pillaging and killing of the people. And this is what you get. white heathens yrs later thinking they are the shit of the world. But let me give a quick history lesson to a lot of you so. pacificers. These people treated you as black people from day one all the way up to and a few yrs after world war 2 , where the white man would lynch hawaiian boys whenever a white she demon would lie and say he looked at her wrong. Ask your grandparents, if they are not in love with these devils

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Shocking Vibe
Shocking Vibe 2 months ago

That thumbnail got me rolling.....she crawled all the way in her feelings

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