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Crackhead squatters stole the siding off my foreclosure auction house

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
01 Aug 2020

If you plan on buying houses at the foreclosure auction, you better learn how to deal with squatters and people on drugs from time to time. After you win the bid at the courthouse steps, you immediately inherit all the problems that come with that house, even people(good, bad & Ugly). The eviction process can be very slow, so us real estate investors must figure out other ways to get unwanted tenants out of our houses. Sometimes these people won't have any place to go so you may have to do what I call the "deal with the devil". This is where we pay the tenant, or squatter to leave. But even if you pay them things don't always go smooth. Today I'll share with you what happens after I agreed to pay the squatter to leave, and then he stole the siding off my house over night.

I created a playlist of several videos you can see LIVE bidding at the courthouse:

4:06 - Definition of Possession
4:43 - What is Quiet Enjoyment
9:13 - See arrive at the house
11:50 - Meet the neighbor
13:47 - Go inside the house
14:46 - See the bathroom, YUCK

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