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Racist devil shows up in blackface to George Floyd protest and gets arrested

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
07 Jun 2020

Police escort the person wearing black face paint out of Nathan Phillips Square — there are several people who follow them and ask for the person’s arrest.

The man, who has not been identified, showed up wearing black paint on his face at the anti-racism event in Nathan Phillips Square

His actions sparked outrage among peaceful protesters with some throwing water in his face and one man shouting that he was 'disrespectful'
The man shouts: 'If I want to put this on my face I can put this on my face'

Toronto police said the man was arrested and charged with breaching the peace

This came as several anti-racism events took place in Toronto Saturday following the death of black woman Regis Korchinski-Paquet

She fell to her death from a 24th floor balcony while six cops were in the room

Protests have also united with the global outrage over the death of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis last week

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