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CYNTHIA G. Speaking On Dusty Beta Males & Y'all Getting MAD "My REACTION"

06 Jun 2021

⁣CYNTHIA G. Speaking On Dusty Beta Males & Y'all Getting MAD "My REACTION"

****Pathway to freedom says: I agree with most of what he said but realized he seemed to be approving of women being together the way they would be with a man, and I totally disagree with that. If a woman or a man does not have a mate of the opposite sex to be with they should focus even more on growing in their relationship with God. Through Him they should seek guidence in developing their talents, character and disciplines needed to be a positive members of our ppl and a good spouse only if someone suitable of the opposite sex come along. Trying to find that in a member of the same sex is detrimental to the person and the larger society. But they should be whole in themselves and their close relationship with God. No other person can make you whole. ****

"As a black man the brotherhood of black men will never be strong if black men keep denying the facts that women care about us as men but are tired of the disappointment that man display in today's society. I support those who speak truth and will correct those who are wrong I can never hate our women it's my opinion. #CynthiaG #Waltglovepodcast"

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lazmor 5 months ago


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1PathwaytoFreedom 5 months ago

He said a lot of good things but when I finished watching this is realized he mentioned something about women coming together the way they would with men and I totally disapprove of that tho. s if that's okay and I totally disagree with that. Women

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