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Thorns and Tares: Destroying The Image of The Black Man In Amerikkka Pt 4

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
20 Oct 2020

⁣A androgynous, Nephilim seed demon gets on social media and calls its black boyfriend a bum and a thief. Isn't being with a freak of nature bad enough? This video should be banned. But no they are allowed to display these freak shows, to promote this death culture and to humiliate and destroy black men. Sad part about it is, many of them are falling for it hook line and sinker, especially if the price is right.

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sly35965 1 year ago

"Greetings, When Will These Young/Old Black Men Realize That This Abnormal/Wicked Society Is Only Interested In The Destruction Of Their Sexual/Procreation Dominance Share...No Thanks!"

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