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The REAL Magic of Melanin: Amazing Things You Didn't Know!

Nero Onnyx
Nero Onnyx
22 Sep 2018

Black women often refer to their melanated skin as magic but many don't know the benefits that their melanin possesses. I learned so much researching this topic and I know you will too after watching. All Black people have an abundance of melanin. Male & female. Love the skin you're in!

*Please note Dr. Merat was referring to melanated chaga powder when he spoke of melanin repairing broken DNA. You can watch the full video here:

BTW, some people are going to try to interpret this video as a way of saying Black people are better than other races lol No, that's not what this means. Everyone has melanin. Some people have more than others. Every "race" has genetic advantages that helps them adapt in certain climates.



The History of Black Hair:

The Incredible Versatility of Natural Hair:

Get Rid of Acne & Hyperpigmentation:

What is Pretty?:

How To Perfect Your Natural Hair Regimen:

29 Natural Hairstyles (Using Braid Hair & All Your Own):

Natural Hair Hit & Misses | Heat Damage, Hair Cuts, Goals Reached & Lessons Learned:

Natural Hair Growth Update:

Twerking: The African Connection:

4 Protective Styles to Retain Length:

Grow Long Hair With DIY Growth Oil:



Remove make-up and dirt with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wash With Black Soap

Scrub with Michael Todd Cleansing Brush (while black soap is still on face)
If you don't have a cleansing brush, a cheaper option is an electronic toothbrush. The ones that move; not just vibrate.

Moisturize with Coconut Oil
or Walker Apothecary's Moisture Gel

Aloe Moisture Gel


Some of My Fave Haircare Tools & Products!:

Felecia Leather Wood Detangling Brush (Not like a Deman Brush):

Hair Steamer:

Frizz-Free Hair Drying Tee:

Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer:

Satin Sleeping Bonnet:

Flexible Curling Rods:


Video Sources: "Hidden Colors II" (Documentary)
Dr. Karl Merat "The Science of Melanin" Presentation
Anthony Browder, Cultural Historian (He's the bald man. Sorry I forgot to identify him.)




Don't forget to love yourself, love others, forgive yourself, forgive others and give as freely as you can:) Peace, Luv & Light!

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