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NEWFACE MAGAZINE LV MEDIA FEATURING: Judge Joe Brown spitting that fire at The Foundational Black Am

NewFace Magazine LV Media

This Digital Clip is highlighted as a courtesy of The Foundational Black American Conference that was held in Atlanta GA on Sept 19th, 2020! This was the 1st premier annual event that congregated foundation Black Americans from all over the United States to come together with a Guest panel of intellectuals, business persons & authors that brought about subjects to their speeches that encouraged our community towards focusing on the next level to our Evolution as a Collective within this Society.

The Host, Mr. Tariq Nasheed of Los Angeles along with the Community has orchestrated this process to not only create an outlet for US to realize our possibility for Unity but will continue to expand this conference for a future mandate in building economic and lineage success!

On the mic is the honorable Judge Joe Brown... giving it to Us straight with no chaser!

*Courtesy of Youtube/Foundational Black American Conference 2020 in shared with NewFace Magazine LV Media!

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