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Coincidence or Targeting?

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
17 Aug 2021

We know there are earthquake prone areas, but in places where we expect the 'big one' (L.A. or SF), they only get minor ones that do not destroy cities. Meanwhile in Haiti, it seems as if Haiti and only Haiti feels the direct impact of an earthquake - and their island 'roommate' in the Dominican Republic, is totally unaffected - even though they share this tiny landmass!

One time - you can accept it as coincidence. TWO times and DR is still not destroyed - something id not right! Again, Haiti has been a target of oil prospectors for decades. NEVER forget that George Bush I's, good buddy - George De Mohrenschildt (he is supposed to be Russian, but that does does not sound Russian) was an oil geologist looking for oil in Haiti. This guy was also the man who helped set up Lee Harvey Oswald to be the pasty for the JFK hit.

The masters f evil start things, then they take decades to come back to finish it, just like Iran is STILL the target for destruction - and it WILL happen. Just examine facts and stay away from agent redirection.

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