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Gillette: "Toxic Masculinity" Does Not Exist

Dru Story News
Dru Story News
03 Feb 2019

The recent Gillette commercial sparked some controversy. While many people supported the ad, there was a huge backlash, primarily coming from men. The truth is that the ad represents much of what is wrong with an overly propagandized America inundated with sensationalism, indoctrination, and hysteria. There is a subconscious push for androgyny and a concerted attack on traditional masculine energy which is indicative of the eventual collapse of society as predicted by historians and many prophetic voices.

Not only are today’s youth being misguided and programmed with bad ideology, but we’re also living in a time in which people just repeat what they hear without knowing the origin of the information. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities or public figures we hear pushing this narrative, “toxic masculinity” never existed. The contents of this video show you why.

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