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The Scary Truth About The NBA Player That Disappeared | UNSOLVED

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
09 Apr 2021

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The Scary Truth About The NBA Player That Disappeared | UNSOLVED

Throughout NBA history there has been a common misconception that a majority of NBA players have had it easy. Yet, despite the enormous potential for fame and reward, the life of a professional athlete is quite difficult. Beyond the possibility of a large bank account lies a realm of tremendous sacrifice and labor that rarely pays off.

As usual as these stories are, rarely do we hear of a professional athlete whose troubles led him to pay the ultimate sacrifice. His life. Lorenzen Wright was such a player. This 6’11” slender center was both intimidating and graceful, a standout prospect that contained the capability to deliver dunks as his opponents shrank beneath him.

With his outstanding abilities and gifted physique, many considered him to be one of the most elite centers to ever come out of high school, one that grasped the attention of college scouts, the very model of a futuristic NBA star. Here he stood on the cliff of greatness, yet no one could have predicted the tragic sequence of events that would soon follow. This is The Scary Truth About The NBA Player That Disappeared!

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