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Doctor Working for the CDC| Says Vaccines Cause Autism| Especially with African American Boys

28 Feb 2019

The measles outbreak was mandated by the CDC to get parents scared and to get back to taking vaccines....since sales have declined. Everything is not a conspiracy.

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EBERHISTORY 6 months ago

They are continually trying to make a future nation of Israelite people docile and oblivious to world affairs non threatening in production of anything on all levels as well as mind controlling them.

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PoliticalKimWOYM 6 months ago

Congressman Poser brought the bill to investigate the CDC when this "whistleblower" wrote him the letter exposing this. I'm glad you found the media clip, but if you can go to and key in Congressman Poser and vaccines, you may be able to hear him pleading for the congress to do something, and this was during Obama. I took this cspan clip everywhere and they just pretended it wasn't happening to us. My children were told and they are listening, but this is the same shot NY is imposing on parents because Yah has the measles plague on them and their weak genes. They want everyone else that is naturally immune or develop an immunity when exposed for the 2 weeks of it's passing through the body, to get everything, "they are intolerant of, thereby infecting us, with their germs for experimenting on brown nations and the males. May Yah put so much foot up their but, it will take all those who did this to "try and remove it."

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