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The #GeorgeFloyd situation is causing chaos in Minneapolis! GETTING DEEP THIS TIME.

27 May 2020

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 5 months ago

Com'on fam now. Dr. Boyce is blind if he believes this. Just think about it. - A bunch of mainly so called whites and a few black activists (over the murder of a black man) throwing stones, bottles, etc, at cop cars and no arrests, busted heads, tasing or shooting? No there isn't, because it's staged, using mainly heathen crisis actors, who are financed by the jewISH devil George Soros and his cronies.

If you do the research on George Soros, you will find that he is behind a lot of these, so called fake protests using paid crisis actors. Including BLM . They did the same thing, to dupe people into believing the lines were miles long at hospitals across the country when the CV hit, all to find out the lines of people at these hospitals, were fake paid crisis actors, which is why they had on masks and faces away from the cameras. People from each state, followed up making videos of those same hospitals and found them empty. So we, especially as black people, have to use discernment before we believe whatever the mainstream media puts in our faces, because 9 times out of 10, there is lies and deceit behind it.

Of course they want us to believe, white people are concerned about a black man being murdered, but it's a hoax and another way how they infiltrated, black grass roots organizations, brainwashed and recruited traitorous coons within the organization and got black leaders and members killed. They want us to believe they are willing to risk their lives (which they're not), and willing to fight the good fight for black justice, by throwing rocks and bottles. Do you really think those heathens would be doing that, if they thought they would get shot or arrested behind the murder of a black man? (No they wouldn't because not only was this staged, those heathens got paid).

Knowing what equal justice would mean for Caucasoids and their offspring, do you really think they want to see black people treated equally just, on an even playing field? If your answer is no, then it will be much clearer for you to see, that the protest shown in this video, is as fake as Kim Khardashian's behind. If Boyce thinks this is true and think IT IS a real protest and these heathens really give a damn about George Floyd's murder, I just hope he opens his eyes before the lights go out. ~ Shalom

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