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Man Weave Transformation Cut By Rick Faison Afro Haircut WOW!!!


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Dangerous Television

"man-weave" is just a way to shame a Blk man cause many Blk women feel shame about the weave they got on... this ain't nothing but a toupee.

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commonman80 1 year ago

Perhaps.. However? It's NOT The Same As The Weave Black Women Wear.. The Hair Is Designed TO LOOK LIKE, FEEL LIKE, AND RESPOND LIKE AFRICAN HAIR.. It's NOT Designed To Look Like The Hair Of A Neanderthal Demon Beast.. Just Thought I'd Point That Out Before They Start Any Shit.. LOLOLOLOL!!!

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Magenta 1 year ago

Yes, it's a toupee, not weave, but the hairline is too 'rigid', for want of a better word. Reminds of Steve Harvey, before he got rid of his. The beard is too obvious. I love the feel of a nice, shiny bald head.

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