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Fort Worth officer killed 28 Year Old Accomplished Black Woman Inside Her Home

13 Oct 2019

A Fort Worth police officer shot and killed a 28-year-old woman inside her home early Saturday. The officer was in the backyard and shot Atatiana Jefferson through the window. A neighbor said he called the Fort Worth Police Department’s non-emergency number to request a welfare check at his neighbor’s house.

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9 months ago

#WeAreTiredOfThis It's clear that it WILL be the police to be the catalyst to the next Uncivil war or major unstoppable unrest. Now, it's time to #StartHuntingThemAndTheirs Covertly, NO MATTER THE AGE OR THE SEX. People!!! They too have #SoftTargets ... Families. Find out where their kids go to school, where their wives go to Yoga, what old folks home their parents are at. Now this ISN'T only for police but also goes double for those Judges, DA's, Asst DA's & even the MF clerks that type you into the MF system. YES they can and must be touched. Instead of keep asking WTF would Jesus do... How about asking #WhatWouldNatTurnerDo???

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