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I'm proud . these young black men didn't run.mp4

09 Dec 2019

THis is what happened nov 23 in michigan between a team of black youth football players who were berated , spat on , and niggered to death, until they had enough and
went after these white mfkn devils. And it wasn't the other team but the no good ass demon fucking parents who were doing this shit. but i'm proud of these young men. even though they were in enemy territory , they didn't falter and run , and they were ready to fubar these mfs as a team. This is what its going to take. Black people we are in a mfkn war with these devils. And all you folk that think nigga was a word that could fit other people also, Does this answer your mfkn question. That word was always meant to hurt black people. So all you stupid mfs that want to keep using it, go join these type white mfs , so we don't have to look behind us when we start killing mfs after we've had enough. But parents , you need to go fully loaded to these games where your kids are surrounded by the enemy. And if it comes to it, start killing. but you can read the whole story below
Funny how this don't make the news when those devils are out of line, but if we eat on a subway train we are in the mfkn news

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