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Police release statement on behalf of Betts family in Bellbrook, Ohio | LIVE

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Bellbrook police are set to release a statement on behalf of the Betts family.

The family's son Connor is the man police say committed the mass shooting in Dayton on Sunday morning. The family also lost their daughter, Megan, who was killed during the shooting.

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7JewelzTV 6 months ago

This devil, the his whole family and the Betts family should be executed in the streets at schools at their work places

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Kimathi100 6 months ago

WTF? This is the CraKKKa MEDIA on CODE! Trying to NORMALISE a RACIST CraKKKa MASS MURDERER! That INCEL was either FUCKING his SISTER, WANTED to FUCK her or Didn’t Like SWIRLING!

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