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Ava DuVernay Should Meet Locks Cutter Before Judging, Says Kid in Pic TMZ.mp4

10 Sep 2019

you have got to be fucking kidding me. this guy was shot 14 times , and all these simp ass niggas have the audacity to get upset because some white woman at his behest cut his dredlocks .you damn right I called these mfs simps and niggas. nobody said a mfkn thing about somebody needs to find the mf and other mfs like the one that put 14 bullets in him, and will do it to other people , men women and kids.As I said the priorities of a lot of you so called black people is fucked up beyond comprehension . you silly mfs worried about someones mf hair when he could've been killed. And he did the right gotdamned thing. he cut that mop off his head. He knows what the fuck it represents in a lot of black neighborhoods. But a lot of you supeblacks want to try and ignore the truth. Unfortunately too many niggas are caught with these dreds and they are criminals doing criminal shit. that wasn't what they were made to represent, but niggas, yes niggas as usual take something good for black people , and turn it into a negative. But you people won't comment on that truth, you'd rather blame everything on someone else instead of our own sorry ass mfs that look like us. This as I said young man knew that shit on his head drew unwanted attention from the white world, but worse yet, the nigga/black world.This is the same type bullshit a lot of you silly mfs said about simone biles when she won gold in the olympics. instead of looking at the positive, of her winning in the olympics, I heard a lot of ignorant ass black men and women talking about how her hair looked. I know this comment will rile some of you mfs up. but before you get upset , think about what you're getting upset about. me telling the damned truth, or you not willing to accept it

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