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Police try to barge into black woman's house without warrant. She knew her rights.

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James Hall
James Hall 10 months ago

As former officer Violent and tumultuous behavior is against the law So being aggressive and cussing within the earshot of other neighbor and disturbing their peace can be considered disorderly conduct and you can be arrested for that. So before giving bad info make sure you give them those details BLM. The officers could have arrested her for that but probably felt that the original call didn't take place so why do the paperwork and deal with the hassle. If I may give some advice in the future first calm down and say to them there was no incident here if we were too loud sorry for the inconvenience. Here is everyone in the house and they can verify that there is no fight taking place here. Also, officers, there is no crime has been committed, I know my rights and I do not want you to enter my dwelling and then STFU. Because they have everything you say on camera and mic and if they do arrest you they have everything on tape and that can work for you are against. If they do enter don't get violent or disorderly just make sure someone is recording and if they arrest you, live to fight another day. But rule #1 do not ever speak to the police not knowing why they are there. Once you do STFU and say not a word. Because you don't know if someone was shot outside and when the witness looked outside all they saw was you outside and assumed it was you and u just told them you were out there placing you at the scene of the crime. Again never ever talk to the police without your attorney present. No matter what!

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