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.22LR LETHALITY - 300 Yard Ballistics Test

Published on 12 Dec 2019 / In Education

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We are testing the lethality of the .22LR @ 300 Yards...The reason I'm performing this test is because in the past I've had many people down play the lethality of the .22LR at any ranges. This test will help us better understand the capabilities of this little round.


The test here consists of a 4-5" thick piece of chuck roast and 8 layers of denim (4 in front 4 in back). The .22LR round that we are using is the CCI Velocitor GDHP. This round is moving about 1400 FPS out of the muzzle. @ 300 yards this 40 grain bullet is moving about 825 FPS with about 60 ft/lbs of energy. Your standard velocity .22LR is moving about 1050 FPS and has about 100 ft/lbs. So this is both representative of the Velocitor's capability at range but also a closer shot with a more standard velocity ammo.


We had two center of mass hits at 300 Yards...one of these penetrated completely through the denim and roast, the other penetrated through 4 layers of denim and the entire roast, but came to a stop on the other side under the rear denim, highly expanded. Both rounds (comparing the wound channel) were expanded.


After reviewing the results I feel there is no doubt that the .22LR (specifically the CCI Velocitor is lethal at extended ranges. I can speculate that if this test were performed with solid lead nose or FMJ ammo the penetration would probably be even greater due to the lack of expansion (and the braking effect that expansion has on penetration). Those critics of the .22LR can use this test to re-evaluate their attitude toward the lethality of this round.


This test was performed to test the LETHALITY of the .22LR at extended range, NOT the STOPPING POWER of the round. Lethality in this test is defined as the ability to cause death. We are not speculating on how long after being hit would death occur.

I read about a gentleman doing a similar test where he used a frozen turkey wrapped in 8 layers of denim to simulate heavy clothing. The results with CCI Standard Velocity ammo was amazing. If I remember correctly every round penetrated completely through all denim and the turkey @ 300 yards.


The muzzle energy and velocity of the CCI Velocitor is much greater fired from a rifle then it would be fired from a pistol with a short barrel. Taking this into consideration...I feel this test is highly valuable to those that choose .22LR pistols for self defense. The velocity of this CCI Velocitor fired from a rifle @ 300 yards will be comparable to it being fired from a pistol at much shorter ranges. The idea being that this test is representative of what you can expect (all things considered) from the ballistics of the .22LR fired from a pistol.

I think that velocitor is probably the best round the CCI offers for hunting and self defense. Yes, I choose it over the Stinger round. The stinger is higher velocity, but weighs less and will most likely penetrate less then the heavier Velocitor.

I must also note here that in my testing for accuracy in both of my 10/22 the Velocitor has scored the best for non-match grade ammo. I will do a video in the future about accuracy of the various .22LR ammo out there.

Ballistic Test from a pistol:


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