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Relationship Wednesday: The Importance of Proper Alignment in Relationships | Dr. Rick Wallace


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Relationship Wednesday: The Importance of Proper Alignment

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The Power of Paradigms ~ Breaking Free of Psychological Bondage

Have you ever wondered why people with superior knowledge and skills consistently get inferior results? Allow me to explain why!

The Power of Paradigms ~ Early in life, we form paradigms as we are fed information through various channels. While an adult has both, a conscious and subconscious mind, we are not born that way. Infants are born with what is often referred to as the reptilian brain — which houses the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is developed over time as the subconscious is fed a variety of information.

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Are you in need of a massive paradigm shift? Learn how you can drastically change the course of your life in five powerful steps.

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