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Identity Politics: Mariticide- The White Widow "Death After Love"

22 Apr 2019

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Mariticide: The White Widow "Death After Love"

As a group we allow white women to play both sides of the fence. They benefit the most from civil rights but are against it as much as anyone. We still dont learn our lesson. In Omaha a brother Amir Bey was stabbed to death by a white girl his fiance Crystal Gross. They were in Omaha for Crystal sister wedding when they got into a arguement. Even tho she was the one that was drunk and she has a history of domestic violence and been convicted on 2 drug charges. Despite all the evidence the attorney Don Klaine labeled it self defense and decided not to charge her at all. Another white women that got away with murdering a black man. Also I'm not sure if this brother was moorish but labels didnt help him. If he identified as black or not and had a black law dictionary the dominate society still stays on code.

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LeeMay 1 year ago

Excellent content. If only Black men would realize the dangers of associating with Beckies. SEPARATE. Beckies are weaponized, it is all a set up that the enemy uses to entrap Black men. But, Black men are blind to satan's trickery.

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